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The Gospel According To Levi Ben Rubin 

Chapter 1

1. It is not what you don’t have that concerns you but that which you imagine that you have for we own nothing. It is better to think this way.

2. Self seeks gratification so it draws to itself stuff by which self defines itself.   

3. Wisdom is the practice of an acquired through understanding knowledge.

4. A lack of wisdom is a lack of understanding that did not absorb any knowledge.

5. There is knowledge that liberates and knowledge that binds; check each fruit and then choose again.

6. When gods compete for a following they are but mortals. 

7. When a mortal chooses a god his mortality is certain. But when the Almighty chooses you than He is after your life to make it even better.

8. Religion needs a repetitious observance without which it could not sustain itself nor exist. 

9. Religion is no God and God is nonreligious. 

10. Organized and listed beliefs in God keep man back from knowing God. 

11. Theology can't ever define God; it is human illusion. 

12. Fighting over who's right and who's wrong because of a belief is like fighting over a dead chicken a car ran over. "My chicken wasn't so flat." 

13. The Creator can define you but you His creation can't define the Creator. 

14. God's creation is His extension and His extensions point and draw back to the source.  

15. There is no God without people and no people without God.  

16. The God consciousness belongs to humans, but humans void of the Creator are as empty drums.

17. A nonexistent intelligence has nothing to proclaim or study. 

18. Before man was, God was, but after God made man His creature lost an appetite for his Maker and developed an appetite but only for himself. 

19. Nothing cannot contain nothing; if there is no God then why there is something at all?

20. Self-identity can be strengthened and overinflated until it blows up and is no more.

21. Jesus was the physical mirror image of the Father while He was still on earth. If you made Jesus your God then He is no longer the way to someone greater than He.

[John 14:28] You heard that I said to you, ‘I go away, and I will come to you.’ If you loved Me, you would have rejoiced because I go to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.

22. Jesus was self-nullified, but those who are not; need only a fleshly god. 

23. If you compete with the Jew over gods then you are a miserable loser for the only One God (AHAD) has no competition.

24. A liberated soul enjoys peace, but a bound up soul knows only the prison of too many definitions and speculations. 

25. One can keep on proclaiming until one believes in his or her own proclamation, but that proclamation must be endlessly repeated in order to ring true; otherwise it will succumb to the Truth's swaying power and be no more. 

26. Like a lie that is being repeated until it is assumed that 'it must be true;' so it is with those compelled many to proclaim something that keeps on eluding them. 

27. Each time the statue of Dagon (Philistine god) was set in it's place he fell again, but not before the Ark of the Covenant, but before God's covenant with the Jew. 

28. The magic of faith is a magic of illusion, for anything man-made eludes. Faith is a gift divine; it arrives at the point of need; it sits on a throne especially prepared for this most glorious royalty.

29. Truth is the universal permanency, anything that challenges it with anything assumed to be truer will have to keep up that challenge indefinitely, but at the end the one Truth wins. 

30. Truth is permanent, even the eternal standard of existence. Anything that pretends to be true must keep on pretending as long as it has a stage to perform on. Once that stage corrodes the players fall and injure themselves.

31. Wars over gods and their worship went on for millennia. Fools can’t drink from a filled up with falsehood cup. Overbearing self-driven ambition only attracts foolishness.

32. Wisdom can't dwell with inflexible people for when the challenge of logic presents itself their foolishiness wins. 
33. If you were forced into a religious observance by sword or a fear of hell then you are not pleasing to God. Perhaps you pleased a mere mortal.

34. If you have yielded your mind to an organized by man religion then you have relaxed your brain too much.

35. If you have accepted a nonsensical dogma over a sense making understanding then you have swallowed only patriotism and loyalty rather than the Truth.   


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