, by Unknown

Today America looks for another catchy slogan, music or a well sounding religious expression, something that appeals to the senses.

When senses are aroused and mixed with religion we create a twister that comes down from the lower clouds, and not from high up above the clouds. The twister lowers itself to the ground and then begins to scoop debris and dirt funneling it all upward thus becoming more impactful; its onslaught is deadly. Finally the Tornado  weakens and dissipates.

Religion is a mix of the lower clouds with things on the ground. The spin is so appealing because everyone aspires to do the penetrating and impressionable. Impacting others with psychological garbage is merciless and ego driven. Telling plain truth takes the knowledge of truth. But selfish people do not see any profit in the Truth (God's Spirit) today. Everyone's mind is set on a blessing and more blessing as if being blessed is righteousness and holiness. So today the materialistic American Christian mind has become a blessing chasing addict. The same goes for drugs, guns and shooting - offshoots of pride.  

[Examples] “God is ready to release a blessing into your life, but you are not yet ready… He is not moved by your need but only by your faith... God is fixing to pour into your life fresh anointing, but first… In order to achieve something in your life you have to surround yourself with those those who provide the accommodations, people who are assigned to you and who will propel you to the next level… So I sense in my spirit that God is about to assign to you facilitators that will bring in the harvest, which has been delayed for a season, but hold on; the season is at hand… So look for the assigned to you facilitators… But in order to trigger this process you must act now in faith… etc.”

If you bought the above you are lost in religious psychology and in downright manipulation. The one who does it does not even know that a clever psychologist that mixed chosen Bible verses for you in order to build his or her case actually rewires your brain. Result? The green wire now connects with the red and the blue with the yellow. Then being so impressed you try the same on others and on others and still on others. Blind leading the blind…

To save you from this deadly twister seems too late. It picks up more and more loose debris off your house, dirt and all you own. If I were Jesus Himself you would not recognize me.

How can anyone be saved from this twister? Here is something logical, which comes from oneness. If you allow your spiritual IQ to be sharpened then after it is; you will recognize any psychological flack put out there for you.

1. One God. One Truth. God is Spirit. He is all knowing, all powerful and fully in charge God.

Mystery of evil on earth and natural disasters.

2. The Bible is clear about three groups and types of people on this planet. the Filed, Tares and the Good Seed - God's sons; even the peacemakers.

Those destined for a special mission will not be mixed with the field which is about to be hit by a deadly earthquake; they will not be on an airplane that will crash. They will not be (timing) in an accident. But they may be if their time is up, they sinned against God or touched God's anointed, or blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

3. There is only one source of utter love and goodness. We will be judged for the way we handle that pure divine stream of love and and care. We will not be judged for making mistakes, which we can correct through repentance. We will not be judged because we misread the so-called works of Satan etc. But we will be judged for embracing dualism a two god theology and we will be judged for our unwillingness to part with it after we have heard the liberating Truth from God's Holy Spirit.

Keep these three points intact, straight and all zigzags will begin to straighten out.   

Oh... one more thing. Without the Jew God chose for you your salvation is incomplete.

[John 4:22] You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews. 

Anyone not recognizing the package God chose for the world broods in hypothesis. 


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