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•    Pride goes before destruction
•    When wells dry up
•    Compression & decompression
•    Jonah & Nineveh

The sun rises on the righteous and the unrighteous. God's extensions are His chosen anointed vessels; they are His arms, legs, eyes, ears and mouth. When God uses a vessel He is one with the vessel. This oneness makes His vessel as God Himself. But when God does not use the vessel at a particular time this oneness is gone for a season. But if a vessel does not know these things and gets lifted in pride then that vessel must be shuttered. Accidents, heart attacks, or other means terminate a vessel. You would say where is the love of God? Love without the knowledge of God is often misinterpreted and misapplied. Study the firstborn Son Jesus and you will know when and how the love of God works. Also learn about our powerful position before God for we are His partners. He expects of us to learn His ways and act upon that awareness. For this reason He keeps sending His vessels to teach us His ways. Never jump to any conclusions; learn His ways and never judge. Let the cup of wickedness or righteousness become full.


Those He chose are His beloved sons as well as laborers or hired hands. Only sons know the capacity allotted to them. The Firstborn Son had the highest capacity. As long as the mission assigned to the chosen vessel is fulfilled at times the Father wants to show off His sons to the people. "He is My beloved Son, hear him" type of a sentiment God displays. Upon knowing this I can seize the moment and use my God-given capacity to do on the ground what He does in the heavenly realm.

I have been compressed by the German-speaking people and challenged almost to the max. Because of this I have been given to explore the depths of God and explain the mysteries of His kingdom, of which whole humanity is a part. As a result we have produced many books, and audio messages. These remain in the “Forte” shop for an appointed by God season. The wealth of God's kingdom is secreted in those publications as in a capsule, compressed, and to be decompressed at the appointed time. Just as the Israelites were compressed in Egypt and then they burst out of slavery so it is the same with God's ways for those He appointed for these days. 


When all wells dry up and there is no more water for the sheep, which the spiritual famine will ensue a great thirst for the living and soul-reviving word of the Living God. Signs of it we already see today. The repetitious fixer-upper “put your trust in Christ” stopped working. Or “resist the devil” helpful advice also stopped working. God calls you to come up nearer to Him. Some will stumble upon all that God prepared for the world beforehand and will eat and drink. These are the chosen ones, even the remnant spoken of by the prophets. 

Repetitiousness of the old beaten paths of the established religiousness and its immovable doctrines go nowhere. If things do not work as promised one is being reprimanded for lacking faith. Faith is being exalted above anything else and almost treated like a magic wand. It is so because it is easy to manipulate faith or the lack thereof. This convenience is being shielded and fiercely defended, even fought over.

In America God was doing great works of power behind my back; so incredible that if I was aware of them I would perhaps exalt me the vessel rather than its user. With hand over the mouth people shared these things with each other, but not with me. After a wide circulation it has finally reached me too, but a few years later. By then the people who told me about those miracles did not know who I was. I was astonished when I heard about the works of power God performed through me. So I remain humble in His presence having the fear God at all times.

I have noticed that bigger churches were opening up to me and people expected signs and wonders. One church of about 5000 invited me to speak. Due to my brand new shoes and smooth leather soles when I climbed up the steps I slipped on the carpet. I used it to joke about our walk with God. I just spoke about the present power of God and huge lamps above me, in the center of the auditorium, burst out into thousands of tiny pieces. ‘This has never happened before’ I was told. Silence fell. People were stunned.

Personal observations

I have matured in God's compression pot for which I am thankful, owing it all to the German-speaking people who formed this pot for me. When it comes to spiritual things the German-speaking people are unable to act or think any other way except to curl up and draw back to self, which results in compression. To a certain extent this is natural and very much a physical orientation, which keeps God's vessel in prison, but for a season. As (personally) unpleasant this process may have been it’s necessary (from God's point of view), which the future will reveal. This future is at hand.

Since I was commanded to minister to the German people by the Boss of all bosses, I had to comply with His will. This means that not all have swallowed the ‘Aryan Race’ muck, but even if they did they vomited it out. But why don’t they educate others about it. Are they afraid, that’s why they’d rather leave it “on” the foreigner and the guest in their country? Others harbor it and from time to time it comes out. Indeed it came out, even from those the closest to me; when they were drunk. They excused themselves saying that they don’t remember.


In 1906 the Azusa Revival broke out in Los Angeles. Three years later, without the fear of God, the leading German clergy dared to condemn this move of the Holy Spirit in their land (1909 Berlin Declaration) and thus sowed evil seeds. Although this Declaration was (symbolically) revoked by the Gnadauer Gemeinschaftsverbandes in a statement of January 2009 its evil seeds bore fruit. (Read more about it).

It is hard to conceive that someone can be so insolent as to declare something as being false without any examination of its contents. This is beyond a normal human behavior. The only explanation for it I find in a deeply seeded—to the point of blindness—conceit stemming from an extraordinary pride.

Luther dared to say things, which a God fearing man should never say. Why not letting things be and letting things take their own course? Why the iron hand clamping down freedom? Besides Luther’s vomit against the Jews (Read more about it) the “Berlin Declaration” further paved the way for the most awful event in German history, Hitler. But that’s not yet it.

A few short years ago I gave a speech in Rodewisch at the WW II memorial about Hitler’s hatred of Jews and as I spoke I met only dirty looks. I was shocked to find out that this denial is real and no one wants to know anything else. A local Lutheran pastor denied it and argued that Hitler ALSO hated Gypsies and homosexuals as if the murder of 1.5 million of Jewish children is the same hate.

The seeds of the distant and recent past evils remain. Will that wickedness become complete? To this tune Jesus said, [Matthew 23:31-33] So, you testify against yourselves, that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. [32] Fill up, then, the measure of the guilt of your fathers. [33] You serpents, you brood of vipers, how will you escape the sentence of hell?

There is no Kingdom without its righteousness and no righteousness without God’s Kingdom.

How many prophets and God’s sons were murdered in gas chambers? It is not what you have convinced yourself of; and therefore you believe; and that faith drives you to madness, but is the all-encompassing reality. The reality of God, morality, justice and common decency supersedes the teaching on faith, which can be used to suit self. This reality must be studied. You may disbelief one message and believe a more appealing to you message. But will God respect that kind of faith? In this sense Luther’s fruits invalidated his faith; for by their fruits you know them and not by their words (Matthew 7:15-23). It’s just a natural response to the proud and pompous breed of people.

[Proverbs 16:18] Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling, because of the seeds, which will eventually sprout and bear fruit. Perhaps self-greatness is there because it also must be filled up as the wickedness of the Amorite people had to be made complete (Genesis 15:16).


I can sit at the piano and play just for me releasing any stress, but no gift is given for self, but always for a greater body of people. Those who assume otherwise curl up the atoms upon themselves and implode, never realizing that they have compress themselves. Oppression may be from without, but when someone thinks in selfish terms that oppresses the self; and also creates an atmosphere of oppression for others. This is quite common in the old German psyche and not only German. I use it as an example for the British have learned prudence and do not rush to declare foolishness as the German religious authorities did. International German (anywhere in the world) exalts the self and puffs it up in self-aggrandizement just because he is able to pave streets with cobblestones, build cathedrals and rockets. So do other peoples, what’s there to be proud of, of hard work; other peoples do the same? If that is the mentality then quite naturally so the Jew competes with the German, or perhaps it is the other way around? Who came first the wagon or the horse that pulls the wagon? If the Jew gave you morality, and justice why do you hate him for it? If the Jew gave you the Bible, Christ (John 4:22) and the apostles then why do you hate him for it? Perhaps it is not the hatred aimed at the Jew, but actually against the Almighty Himself? These types of people I know of were the Amalekites, Agag and Haman.

In this self-aggrandizement an “Aryan” finds a short-lived joy. That joy may be so intense that such would give up anything to keep it alive as long as possible, but regretfully it ends in a serious disappointment and even dejection, which leads to bitterness of soul. This limping between lows and highs contributes to mental instability, which breeds bondage and self-oppression.


Any free person finding him or her in such an environment experiences this oppression and in order to preserve freedom one often runs from such an atmosphere. So what’s the solution? The only solution is to be more vocal, sharing and inspiring, encouraging and exchanging the uplifting knowledge given to us these days. These days are special and most precious and we do not know how long they will last. There is nothing else. But let it not be out of obedience to the slave master’s whip crack. It must be born out of inspiration, which is the fruit and not by blind obedience to orders. Take the full responsibility for your inspiration and appropriate it as God’s gift but only to you. Make it personal and then bear fruit. When you share then do it from your own heart and not quoting someone else. 


Just as we make room for God's gift of faith in us (Naveh) we also must protect and nurture that special guest, lest that gift becomes so oppressed that it is forced to leave its abode. It is not enough to make (Naveh) room for faith, but one must do the upkeep, just as we do by dusting and cleaning our abodes. You must feed faith and clothe it too. You must make up bed for faith with the change of clean and fresh linens, give it a breakfast and constantly have fellowship with, lest it leaves you. When doubt, unbelief, bitter thought enters your Naveh then it is no longer Naveh, but a den of robbers. How can you then enjoy the uplifts of the Spirit, when of your own volition and carelessness you have let in the robbers of faith?     


It was not the case with God as to who the people of Nineveh were, but how well they responded to God. It is not so much the question as to who you are racially or nationally, or even whom you support, but how well you respond to the one God has sent to you.

Being the way I am today, I would never let myself be horded like sheep into a concentration camp or watch someone’s head be blown off. Those who have seen the movie THE PIANIST with Adrien Brody I speak here of the shooting scene. A young German officer ordered the prisoners to lie down and one by one he executed with shots to the head. The officer stopped to reload his pistol at the lying down on the ground restaurant owner. If I were that man I would have grabbed the officer’s leg, forced him down and shoot him myself, and then the other standing guard soldier. Yes, risking my own life. That man was next, yet he lied on his belly and only watched as if paralyzed with fear? Self-preservation freezes you, but the love of God and the love for others un-freezes you. Like the little David who with his bare hands went after a lion you can do the same. David did this as a good shepherd defending the sheep. When you are defending others then the Holy Spirit comes with great power. The Spirit of God came upon Samson, but only when he was defending God’s people. The same was with Gideon. This biblical pattern is real. It’s the law. You can do anything in that power. I know it. But that’s today. Those people did not know anything about this power and used only what’s available to them, which was fear. What’s available to you my friend, do you know?

The Ninevites acted and acted resiliently and in their zeal they even went overboard. Nineveh was spared and that generation lived under God’s grace. It is obvious, we are judged by how much or how little; how well (or how un-well) we respond to God and His chosen vessel. In this case it was Jonah, who was forced. Most will never understand it; they have no clue as to what it means to be God-forced. I tell you the truth and my testimony is true. If not now then after this earthly show is over; you will know it; for then you will know everything instantly.

Regardless if people know this or not, still, it will be meted out to them according to the way they respond to the God-sent vessels.

Finally. Those who met me and tasted the good presence of God and were touched by His healing hand and yet went their own way, or God forbid; even prejudiced others against me; will not necessarily suffer, although many already do. It is all up to God. It depends on how precious to Him was the message and the ministry on that particular day. There are days and there are days. There are messages and messages. God treats each instance differently. This is God’s unchangeable law.

Once in Holland God forced me out of a meeting because the people tormented the Holy Spirit and I ran from that place crying that entire night in severe pain. In that state I had the power to send fire from heaven and burn those people alive, but I did not; instead, I suffered, I gasped for air flooding my face with tears. That was the real presence of God and not something made up by a religious play, yet the people did not want to act respectfully, but were used to playing religion. The Ninevites could have done the same with that "crazy” Jewish prophet or nut, but did they? I do not know what happened to those people in Holland. But one thing I know, they can’t play with the Living God who dwells within me; and whose presence I bring when and wherever He sends me. It is better for such that they have never met me; more, that they were never born.

My God is real. I am real, even more real today than I’ve been. I received much and because of all the persecutions and oppositions I suffered I have arrived at a very privileged place in God.

Jonah had the power to destroy Nineveh for God does not lie… unless repentance follows. The intent to obliterate Nineveh was real and Jonah was only allowed to proclaim it, nothing more and nothing less and then wait for 40 days. God took a gamble, we might say, but did He? Yet, our will and resolve determines the outcome.

So be careful my dear friend. Recognize the times and God’s ways. Come out from oppression put on you by religious authorities. Run to my freedom, which is not mine, which the heavenly Father freely provides. Embrace His gift today and watch yourself that no one—through religion or otherwise—would ever bind you again.



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