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From whichever angle we look at life, cosmos, nature or humanity as a whole; one fact cannot escape us and that is the wonder.

Let’s look at those living organisms that make us ill. We take a disease in order to defeat it. That’s what immunization is. Vaccines strengthen our immune system. Like troops getting ready for combat the white cells in our body are training their brains; figuring out the invader’s tactics. In a similar way it is with anti-venoms, which are made from actual snake venoms. Once the body puts a up fight it build resistance to that one particular deadly poison. Snake handlers have been bitten several times and they are okay, but there might be one serpent that has a different venom. If that intruder bites and the snake handler has not build immunity for that particular kind; he or she may die. Anti-venom antidote works only for one particular specie.

Speaking of anti-venoms: did you know that the earlier types of insulin were derived from pigs and cows. Does the consumption of pork and beef has anything to do with diabetes? 

Imagine, our body can combat all diseases in existence, and as long as it knows what it combats it wins. Ignorance cannot defend you, a blind belief won’t either. You must know the invader and its kind; only then the human white cells (the same goes for all animals) create a formidable defense against it. How do they do it? This is amazing.

The white cells do the guesswork first. Once they know the invader’s kind they split into two cells; the second cell contains the memory bank or the brain. It is like the Internet. You make a page, which contains a general information, but if you want to know more you link it to another page. And if you want to go deeper still, and want to enforce or execute that acquired knowledge; then you have to download the information into your—in this case—immune system.The white cells in our body draw from what they have stored in the memory bank and then outsmart the illness-causing invader. Each time you get exposed to the same virus, or bacteria, your immune system knows what it is and how to act. Anything foreign, yet not processed by the white cells, remains in a state of a guesswork. During that time one may be ill.

Instead of examining our immune system’s power—the actual defenses of our bodies—we rush to medicine, pills and injections, and God forbid… surgeries. Cutting our bodies is not the way to go. Lack of knowledge prevents us from knowing the inner forces of our organisms; therefore, operations are sometimes necessary. But that is an acute types of emergencies.         

There is no personified evil. We call violence, murders, and thefts as being evil, and then we seek another behind such actions to blame. We wonder and rush to ask questions like, why this and why that, and who is behind it? We do that with evildoing, but have a hard time doing the same thing with the good.

We take credit for doing good, but seem hesitant taking credit, and responsibility for any evildoing. Is it our mind that plays tricks on us, or we make our mind choose what it wants to believe in? Who is the “I?” Is it corrupt and we keep on excusing it, or is it good, but we compromise? We want to fit in. We are community oriented people, but if the society badly influences you and the “I” compromises just to fit in; then it will fall into the trap of the blaming game. Religion is best known for this. It is convenient and self-suiting, but destructive. It destroys braincells by making the neurons lazy. It minimizes the powers of cognizance. Mystification of anything is detrimental to the human being. A blind belief in the mystery of a sacrament; and doing something accordingly; is detrimental for it stalls progress; and eventually it breeds bigotry and fanaticism.      

If evil is behind evil actions and the good is not behind good actions, then we chose confusion as if on purpose. One is of the devil and the other of God, would be the common logic, but all things come God, even the human free will and free choices in life.

[Deuteronomy 32:39] ‘See now that I, I am He, and there is no god besides Me; it is I who put to death and give life. I have wounded and it is I who heal, and there is no one who can deliver from My hand. [Isaiah 45:6-7] I am the LORD, and there is no other, the One forming light and creating darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the LORD who does all these.

There are forces that trigger calamities and termination of life. We must know the reasons behind all that befalls us.

We come to the point of godhood when we assume responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

In religion, it is repeatedly said that Adam and Eve sinned, but did they? Is transgression a sin? Is there a difference? Sin is an injury and the way of pain, but transgression is like getting a ticket for speeding or for parking a car in a wrong spot. The penalties are usually monetary. They may hurt your pocketbook, but are they sins?

In Religion Adam and Eve became the first fallen creatures because Eve had listened to the tempter Satan. If that was not enough; man’s inquisitiveness drove him even further; to discover the root cause of evil. From this wild goose-chase came Lucifer and fallen angels. The original sin and philosophical explanation of evil, sickness and death.

Imagine the same now with the Good God, fallen but the good angels. Instead of Lucifer falling down to earth, from which planet we do not know; so let’s imagine that it was God who came down to earth. I think that we would not know what to do with Him and with these thoughts. You may say that God did come to earth as Jesus, but with Jesus also came Satan, the devil and demons. It is all in the New Testament, but why?

Jesus supposedly defeated the author of death, Satan, but Satan is still around, although defeated, of which we must constantly remind ourselves, lest we forget.

First of all, heaven encompasses all things in existence, all galaxies, planets the earth included. So God is already on the earth. No one knows Satan, there is no book, like the Bible, where Satan speaks with humans, as God did in the Bible. Therefore, personification of evil is really a psychological impairment. However, it can be fixed.

It was God who sent the tempter to the Garden of Eden and He Himself planned it. For Adam and Eve were not yet ready for a communion with God. The free will and the ability to choose make for partnership and fellowship. But this was not yet then. It was created in Eve, but later, and then the fruit became desirable. The desire was created and then came the consequences. When Adam ate the fruit then, he also created another reality. In this way cognizance was created and that was a practical application of knowledge.

This new knowledge made the pair aware of their nakedness. Then they looked upon the consequences of their transgression and learned something brand new for the very first time. Those were those speeding and parking tickets, for which they had to pay. And they did. But God did not stop reaching out to them, did He?

After the expulsion Adam and Eve were capable of reaching for the other fruit from the Tree of Life, which was close proximity to the Tree of Knowledge (good and bad) of the opposites. Having the sense of contrasts always leads to either good, or bad choices.

Time has elapsed. In the seventh generation after Adam, Enoch kept making the right choices until he overcame the most hideous disease called death. For him the blame game stopped and that was big of Enoch. Others were not so big, they kept the blame game on.

When you deal with death, then you must know that you can conquer it, or it will conquer you. You can only do that with the right choices. That mechanism is already in you. Vaccines work on the same premise. Our bodies have the built-in mechanism, which speaks louder than any words. Our immune system strengthens and builds up a resistance to any death-causing disease. As our bodies overcome an invader, like polio, our immune system overwhelms it. Quite naturally so it creates a barrier against it.

If blaming something, or someone else, is easier, than that is your choice too, but remember that it leads to death. 


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, by Unknown

The so-called dark matter is not a matter at all. That it is invisible is linked to the fact that the physical human eye cannot detect it. Jesus said in John 3:8 that the wind blows and you see its effects but can’t control it. You do not actually know where it comes from and where it goes, but it is there. We feel the gentle breeze or its very strong force that can tear down everything in its path. It can even flip cars in the air. We took advantage of air and we study its ways. We fly heavy machines across the oceans. We dare the impossible. Yet, when it comes to the study of the spiritual realm that department of study we leave in enclosures of religion.

Perhaps no one else is as qualified as I am, to speak about this very close to me realm. I hear God speak because after I do the humanly impossible the miraculous happens. God does not talk constantly. He is not a big talker. Some people are not ready nor willing to hear God and much less obey Him. As it was the case in the Book of Jeremiah (42) where the people affirmed their commitment by saying, “We will listen to the voice of the LORD our God.” Ten days later Jeremiah confirms the same message as before. Yet, the arrogant men said to Jeremiah, “You are telling a lie! The LORD our God has not sent you” (43:2-7) and did exactly the opposite what they pledged to do. So it is with many today. 

There is no excuse for ignorance regarding the ways of the Creator. 

I have seen the dead raised and the incurably ill instantly healed. 25 years later, these people live without the disease. God speaks through dreams, and through the spirit of life residing on the inside of my body. I have learned to obey His voice and did the incredible. I knew that I would be arrested, exiled or even killed. Yet, I heard from God telling me I would most certainly be delivered. And I was, supernaturally. Without obeying His voice, no one will know if His voice is real. Without a deep trust, no one would dare to do things that are seemingly impossible. Physically I have seen angels in my room, not in a vision or a dream, but on a sunny afternoon. I broke many taboos and dangerous lines for indeed man is but a mere dust. All that hoopla and human pompous authority can be overridden when you know God and are ready to obey Him. 

Dark matter is not at all dark. It is hidden to those who have sharpened but only their physical brains and not the spiritual mind. Just as no one can control me, not even God (He does not want to); I quite willingly submit to His will. And when I do the miraculous follows. I cannot turn up miracles on demand. That would be called temptation. Even provocation. If one could do miracles at will one would play but tricks of magic, of which Jesus was accused. It only happens when God wills and not when the vassal wills. And that in turn has to do with the right conditions on the ground. There are various laws that govern the hidden spiritual realm. I have learned from these laws. And when I see them coming together; then I know that a miracle is about to happen. 

God penetrates the visible matter from behind the veil of what we call the mysterious matter. These two realms, are intertwined and run in parallel. The spiritual realm which religion calls heaven is not some trillion of light-years away from us, but on the tip of each hair of your body. Problem? Yes, our problem is the fact that we have not learned to experience divinity on the one to one basis but only in groups and gatherings within the confines of religious establishments. 

We have grown accustomed to filter God through another man or woman, a human body with its apparatus of false and completely useless interpretations and empty beliefs. We feel nerves, physical touch and use but only the physical brain. 

I do not blame science for leaving God alone, for indeed, religion would interfere with the study of our universe. Nonetheless, today we know that the so-called dark matter is a fact. It is active, moving, living, vibrant and it holds all things together. 

The amazingly intelligent mind of God gives away but misleading signals to those who do not belong to Him. He makes it all look chaotic, explosive and dangerous. What He says is as follows: "Do not come close to me in your present state. I am too awesome for you."

Nonetheless, there is the gentle wind, the delicate breeze, which is mercy. This compassionate interceding for others attitude comes with peace and never in unrest. 

[Exodus 33:19] And He said, “I Myself will make all My goodness pass before you, and will proclaim the name of the LORD before you; and I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show compassion on whom I will show compassion.” What He says is this: [2Samuel 22:26-27] with the kind You show yourself kind, with the blameless You show Yourself blameless; [27] with the pure You show Yourself pure, and with the perverted You show yourself astute. 

These are the laws that open and close the door to the kingdom of God; science calls “The Dark Matter.”


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